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Animal Healing

Reiki for our beloved animals

There are many ways Reiki healing can be given. Personal hands on healing and Distant healing – either through Distant Full Reiki treatment or Distant intention healing.


Reiki is a loving and nurturing energy and can be given to animals through hands on healing. Animals respond well to Reiki for a small amount of time, some can get more energised whilst others calm and peaceful. A mix of hands on and distant reiki works well for animals, especially those who don’t enjoy being handled.


With a meditative style approach Reiki provides a safe healing. The treatment for animals tends to be shorter and they may only require 10-20 minutes due to the heat produced during a Reiki session. Placement of hands like for ourselves can be used for injury, trauma healing, emotional healing on the animal.

Use of Reiki for Animals has been beneficial in treating:

- Anxiety

- Injury

- Pain

- Behavioural Problems

- Initiation in new families or older animals

Animal Reiki

Watch how Reiki brings peace to these rescue dogs.

Giving Dog Reiki
Giving Dog Reiki
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