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Using Reiki Energy and other tools to cleanse and reenergise your staff and workspace.

We are blessed in a time where being energetically aligned is not only accepted but promoted. There is so much information about the energetic world we are living in and how our thoughts, actions and emotions affect not only ourselves but the environment we are living in. This includes our workspaces.


We are moving at such a fast pace with more electronic devices than ever before. This is why it is so important to not only detox our environment, but also rebalance ourselves. Studies have shown that stress is the number one cause for dis-ease and unhappiness in the workplace. Which affects staff absentees, loss of business opportunities, productivity and staff retention. Corporations and business owners need employees to get the job done. Employee performance is critical to the overall success of an organisation. Why not give your staff, customers and company all the support and tools needed to perform at your best. Staff Wellness is the focus for all corporations and what better than to offer this gentle support tool for your staff and especially the executive leadership team. 


If you are launching a new product, company or you have had change within the department then we can help you re-balance and set intentions for your workspace and team. With a corporate background I understand the importance of having a collaborative work environment. When we are unblocked and energised, we feel safe in our work environment and enjoy spending time in the positive space created, making us more productive.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Improves concentration/focus of employees

  • Increases job satisfaction and attendance

  • Relieves stress and tension in the workplace

  • Increases productivity with a sense of calm and harmony within teams

  • Staff are better equipped to handle external stress factors

  • Increases energy - relieving mental fatigue

Our services include:

  • Show support for Staff Wellness in your company - support for your team

  • Office/Workspace clearing

  • Intention Focused Reiki - great for new product launches, company changes, new year business goals, strategy sessions

  • New Staff initiation

  • End of Financial year stress detox balancing

  • Staff management

  • Executive/Leadership training and support

We not only offer energy cleansing and balancing services for your workspace but will also provide you with tools to maintain the energy in the space you spend so much time in.

Reiki is a must for the executive leadership teams. Reducing work burnout, stress and illness.

Flyer on benefits for the leadership team

Packages are tailored to each company and employee. For further information or to book please email

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