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Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Use of Reiki Healing energy with the intention to clear and balance your Chakras

Our bodies are surrounded by invisible fields of electromagnetic energy – this is sometimes referred to as our Aura – and in many pictures you will see colours associated with different energy centers in our physical bodies. We have seven energy centers or Chakra’s which means wheel of lightin Sanskrit. Each energy center is connected to different organs, tissues and parts of our bodies. From Root Chakra up to Crown Chakra. If we have blockages anywhere along this path, we stop the energy flow which can cause dis-ease and prevent ourselves from living our true potential.

Dr Joe Dispenza has written a book called 'Becoming Supernatural' with the theme being cantered around the function and use of the first three Chakra's. When open and active these Chakra' allow the energy to flow smoothly through the body. Most of our stress and anxiety, day to day pressures, insecurities are all held in our first three Chakra's. Reiki Chakra clearing and balancing is used to ensure these are open, healthy and operating at their highest potential.

Benefits of a Chakra Clearing Session:

  • Feeling balanced, grounded and secure

  • Having more energy

  • Receiving clarity and confidence

  • Unblocking any physical ailments

  • Feeling emotionally and mentally balanced

  • Living from a higher vibration

  • Removing any unwanted or negative energies


Chakra Reiki Treatment

During a Chakra Reiki treatment the process will be the same as a normal Reiki Treatment but with an emphasis of Clearing and Balancing Chakras. With the use of additional Reiki Chakra symbols, guided pendulum checks and Crystals we will focus our intentions on unblocking any Chakra to allow for the energy to flow.


You will be comfortable and relaxed lying or sitting whichever is preferred on the table. We will with the guidance of Reiki energy place our hands gently on your body in varying hand positions, covering all chakras.

Each treatment is unique and tailored to the client. With the first session focused on unblocking the Chakra centers.

Before and after each treatment we will work with you to ensure you feel safe, any concerns or questions are answered and your intentions for the treatment are respected.

Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for traditional medical treatment or advice. For prices please click here.

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