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Reiki Distance / Absent Healing for yourself or beloved animals

Reiki Energy is a loving universal energy that can be used across time and space

There are many ways Reiki healing can be provided.


Reiki can be sent to events in the future and in the past, or to people or animals anywhere in the world. Not only people or animals can benefit from it, but also different situations across town or across the world, the Earth, sea, skies, lands, different types of natural disasters, or even those who are deceased.


Reiki practitioners have been trained to provide Energy Distance Healing sending healing across time and space. The distant healing uses energy frequencies that is then tuned into the person receiving it.


Sending Reiki through time is a helpful way to use distance Reiki, especially when it comes to healing the past trauma or allaying fear of future events like surgical appointments, weddings, or exams. We cannot control or change future events but sending Reiki will allow the event to unfold naturally, with an outcome that is for the highest good. 

With distance healing, you can receive a full Reiki treatment or intention healing.

Schedule a time that works for you. Each session takes from 30-45 mins.

30 min distant clearing and intention session $80

45 min full body distant balancing session $100

Distant healing, Absent or remote healing, is a technique for treating a person even if they are not physically present. They could be in another city, state or even country.  

Animal Reiki

Benefits of Distance Treatments

People have reported many benefits after receiving distance reiki treatments. Some of our clients prefer to only receive distant treatments as they can choose how and when they would like to received the energy. 

Clients report the following after a treatment:

  • A sense of calm and relaxation

  • Clarity over situations and decisions they need to make

  • Feeling safe and secure during and after their treatment

  • Help in Managing their stress and anxiety especially in work situations

  • Removal of negative patterns of behaviour

  • Help with pain management

  • Provide mental, physical and emotional support

  • Removal fear and anxiety pre-surgery

  • Help in healing post surgery



How is it done?

Distance Reiki facilitates the universe's energy for healing purposes. This form of complementary therapy is beneficial when you cannot physically be present or prefer to have healing from the comfort of your own home. The process is the same, invoking Reiki healing and allowing the energy to tap into the other person’s frequency.


At Balance is Qi, we work with you to establish a time and place that is suitable. Within the comfort of your own place we can send Reiki energy to you with the intention set out before our treatment. You can choose from a full body distant healing approximately 45 minutes, or 30 minutes intention healing. Reiki is always sent for your highest good. We can also offer a face to face video treatment.

You can read about the scientific use of Distant Reiki as complementary therapy.

Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for traditional medical treatment or advice. 

"It was really a great experience talking to her. She guided on the things to be taken care of and she was very understandable. You really feel very great talking with someone who listen to you. After Reiki I am feeling much relaxed than earlier. Thank you very much for the session." M Basumatary, India

"I booked a session with Shadi to release any negative and unwanted energy as well as reduce stress and increase relaxation. Shadi was welcoming, calm and has a deep understanding for the power of Reiki. I felt deeply relaxed during the session and have extra energy and clarity post session." Ingrid

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