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Using Reiki's universal energy through time and space we will send healing energy to you. This technique is like a wifi frequency and involves Reiki being sent directly to your energy field.


Treatment includes 30 minutes of Reiki sent at a specific time. Once booked we will be in contact with the procedures and follow up. Perfect for those unable to physically be present for a treatment. This loving energy can be sent offline when you need it most. Book it in for a specific intention and allow this loving energy to support you.


Great for receiving extra support for:

exams, medical treatments, travel, job interviews, moving locations, new jobs, social settings or any time you feel you may need extra courage, love and support.

Reiki Absent Healing 30mins

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GST Included
  • We can discuss a time and date that is most suitable to send the Reiki healing. Recommend time allocated where you will not be disturbed. In a quiet location. With no rush to have to go anywhere straight after.

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