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Experience the healing power of Reiki with our Reiki Wellness Package. Designed to provide you with ongoing support and healing in your wellness journey. This special includes 6 follow-up Reiki sessions to help maintain the energetic balance achieved during your initial session. Offering a gentle touch and calming energy to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and support overall well-being.


Whether you're seeking emotional healing, physical relief, or simply a sense of peace and clarity, our Reiki Wellness Package is the perfect way to continue your holistic wellness practice, reduce stress and enhance your body's natural healing abilities. 


This package includes 6 follow-up sessions for the price of 5 with our experienced Reiki practitioner. 


Embrace the holistic benefits of Reiki and discover a renewed sense of harmony and vitality with our Reiki Wellness Package.

Reiki Wellness Package - 6 Follow Up sessions

GST Included
  • Follow-up sessions only. This 6-session package offer expires within 12 months from the date of purchase, helping you commit to your wellness practice. Sessions must be booked within 12 months. 

    Cannot be redeemed for cash or other services. No rollovers, any unused sessions will be forfeited.

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