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Couples Reiki

Taking your relationship to a deeper Level

Couples Reiki uses the same Reiki energy and treatment but with both partners in the room. This is a beautiful loving session, focusing on individual clearing, heart coherence and a deeper spiritual connection for the couple. This includes romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships and maturing relationships. Include a Reiki session for a deeper connection or to help with clear energies around conflict or uncertainty. Bringing peace and clarity to the relationship.

Who will benefit from Couples Reiki?

  • New Romantic Relationships

  • Pre and Post Nuptials

  • Couples/Families going through change or uncertainty or counselling

  • Pre-conception stage

  • Parent/Child relationship

  • Sibling Relationship

  • Friendships

Include a Reiki Couples session before going down the aisle or renewing your vows. Starting new relationships or building stronger foundations on existing ones. Book a session with a friend and have a relaxing love filled time together.

Benefits include:

  • Feeling relaxed

  • Feelings of peace

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Feelings of security and well being

  • Enhanced feeling of love and connectedness

  • Having Clarity in situations and confidence

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One on one sessions in our Reiki Sydney Rooms with two Reiki Master Practitioners

2hr Session - includes guided pre-post discussions, Heart Coherence meditation and 60 minutes of Reiki $380 (per couple)

Reiki Couples Treatment

Reiki for couples will take you on a journey, connecting you deeper on a soul level. 

During a Reiki Couples treatment each of you will be comfortable and relaxed lying or sitting whichever is preferred on the table or chair, fully clothed. We will begin by guiding you on a heart centred connection, opening up the heart chakra and filling you with a deep love. You will then be ready for your hands on Reiki session.


There is nothing you need to do but be open to receiving the loving energy. We will, with the guidance of Reiki energy place our hands gently on your body in varying hand positions, covering all essential organs, chakras and areas of concern from the client.

Each treatment is unique and tailored to our clients. Our main modality is Reiki, however with consent we may also use Tibetan singing bowls, Crystals, Pendulum, Pomanders and/or essential oils.

Before and after each treatment we will work with you to ensure you feel safe, any concerns or questions are answered and your intentions for the treatment are respected. 

Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for traditional medical treatment or advice. 

What happens after the Treatment

Each session and every person has a unique experience depending on what their intentions are, what has been happening in their lives or around them. Most couples leave feeling very relaxed, filled with love and a sense of clarity whilst the healing shift and balancing has occurred at a deeper level. Click here for further Benefits of Reiki.

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