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Benefits Of Reiki

Living a human existence comes with many blessings and much joy but it also comes with challenges, obstacles and sometimes sadness. Over time this energy can get stuck just like when we walk into a room and can feel if something is not right. We can have stressful interactions on a daily basis we just don't want to stay in that space. Are you holding onto the feelings of anxiety, despair, anger or frustration? Are you replaying old conversations, holding onto past trauma or relationships/habits that no longer serve you?

If the answer to any of these is yes then you are probably in need of an energy clearing and rebalancing.

Releasing Stress and Anxiety

Throughout our life we are in many situations that deal with stress and anxiety. Some more than others. Unfortunately it is not always easy to get rid of these feelings and triggers especially if they have developed over years. It ends up staying on us like debris which then causes physical, mental and emotional illness and unease. Reiki helps clear these blockages to allow our energy to flow like a clear river. Releasing stress and tension. When we are free from blockages we feel empowered to achieve anything we want.

The Feel Good Energy

Sometimes we just need to reboot and recalibrate. Reiki treatments can offer people an opportunity to get into a deep state of relaxation. Some even fall asleep. For many this is the best deep sleep they have had in a long time. This is incredible healing, allowing the cells to rejuvenate, which for anyone dealing with trauma, pain or disease is a blissful experience. Reiki connects to the parasympathetic nervous system providing harmony and balance.

Creative insight and Clarity

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives Reiki provides a time where you can be still, quiet and at ease. This total trust and surrender allows your intuition to kick in. And unlike meditation you don't have to try to keep your mind from wandering, you don't have to do anything but be open to the experience. Many people come out of their sessions with clarity and inspiration. With more clarity it is easier to make decisions.

Complementary Therapy for Medical treatments

Reiki has been used all over the world and there are more than 30,000 scientific articles written about the use of Reiki with other medical treatments. Reiki assists the body in removing harmful toxins and supports the immune system. SunSolaris in WA provides Reiki treatments for their cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Patients have recorded feeling safe, relaxed, calm pre-post treatments, help with pain management. For terminal patients in palliative can, Reiki has been used to provide comfort and peace in their final moments. Both for patient and supporting families.

Check out our Research Studies Page for more information.

Pre-Post Pregnancy Support

There is no more of an uncertain time as preparing to become a new parent. Whether it is in preparing to become pregnant, going through all the antenatal months during pregnancy or after your beautiful bundle is born. There are so many questions, so many unknown answers and so much that is out of your control. But one thing you can control is your mental, physical and emotional health. Reiki can help you let go of any fears or anxieties you may have about being a new parent. It may also help with morning sickness, fatigue and changes with the mother's body. The benefits flow both to the mother and baby in womb. Not to mention the supportive partners.


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