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Reiki Science and the effects on Water

Extract from experiment conducted by Torsten Lange - documented on enchanted reiki uk.

Torsten recently teamed up with a specialised laboratory in Switzerland to research the effect of Reiki treatments on water. The results are stunning: The crystalline structure within water changes dramatically and the quality of the drinking water improves significantly.

He conducted the first ever scientific experiment that proves once and for all that Reiki does something incredible to water. The experiment was conduced in a lab in Zurich.

Images from the Reiki Academy London Ltd website. The images show magnified Swiss tap water before Reiki on the left, and after giving Reiki using the connection symbol for 1 hour on the right. Notice how the ‘arms’ of the water molecules are reaching and trying to connect with each other. The other symbols show the water changing in a completely different way. Find out more here.

One of the most encouraging discoveries was the fact that the use of the Reiki symbols enhanced and intensified the results, and each symbol changed the water molecules in a different way. As you can see in the image above, the use of the Connection (Distance) symbol, which connects to the heart chakra/tanden point, creates this wonderful shape where the water is literally reaching out to make a connection. Also note the harmonious 30/60 degree angles in the Reiki treated water, as opposed to the harsh 90 degree angles of the original tap water.

And if we are made up mostly of water, and our cells surrounded by water, how can a Reiki session affect our water molecules? How can it bring it back into coherance and harmony? It makes you wonder if that is how we have seen these remarkable healing outcomes!

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