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Balance is Qi is offering this loving gift to all our students, clients and subscribers. All you need to do is register and be open to receive.


Allow your expanded energy to ripple out and benefit all around you! Lean back into the light and let his energy support and uplift you.


You can be anywhere in the world to receive this gift, you don't have to even be available at this time just open to receive. By registering you are giving permission to receive this divine energy.


Alternatively, you can actively participate in this healing by setting aside this time, finding a quiet spot, playing some meditation music, taking some full breaths and allowing the Reiki energy to connect to every cell of your being.


Reiki will be sent to all who register.


Next Session Sunday April 28th 7:30pm-8pm AEDT

Free Reiki Distant Healing

GST Included
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