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Reiki Living Workshop

Reiki as a way of life


This workshop is designed for people who have done their Reiki 1,2 and 3 training and would like to enhance their practice and set up more energy rituals. You will learn new and creative ways to incorporate Reiki energy in your life. Moving from Reiki as something you do to Reiki a way of life.


What this course includes:

  • Recap of Level 1, 2 and 3 Symbols, uses and Reiki Precepts

  • How to use the symbols together

  • Reiki on the go - when life is just a little too busy

  • Learn creative ways to use these sacred traditional symbols 

  • Practice using the all sacred symbols for personal use and in a client treatment 

  • Booster attunement

  • Increase your spiritual practice and learn how to bring Reiki more into your life


What you will receive:

  • Reiki Booster Attunement

  • Guided Meditation journey

  • Reiki Living Handout


At the end of this course you will be reinvigorated and reconnected to the Reiki energy and way of life.


Reiki Living Workshop:

Prerequisites:  Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 with an accredited Reiki Teacher. Please provide copy of certificate and lineage.


Times:              4 hrs


Cost: $200.00


Dates: Due to COVID-19 sessions are run in small groups, please email to confirm availability.


What to bring:

  • Please wear comfortable clothes

  • Water bottle, snacks and lunch

  • Notepad / pen

  • Pillow, blanket and mat to lie out

  • Face mask

Cancellation policy: Full refund for cancellations within 2 weeks of date of course and 50% refund within 7 days. We are unable provide a refund if cancelled less than 7 days from date of training booked.

Classes Scheduled for 2023

Please contact for class dates

As numbers are limited please send email for confirmation.

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