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This is a powerful magical course filled with everything you need to support you on your journey to Reiki Master practitioner (Shinpiden). This level requires commitment and discipline to honour the reiki teaching and precepts. Attuning to the Master Reiki symbol unlocking the full potential of the Reiki Energy, connecting you with your highest self and healing at a soul level. Taking your spiritual and healing practice to a new level, raising your vibration to connect deeper to your inner light.


What this course includes:

Recap of Level 1 and 2 Symbols, uses and Reiki Precepts

Receive the 4th traditional Usui Reiki sacred symbol (Master Symbol) and 9 non-traditional reiki symbols.

Attunement to the Master Reiki Symbol

Learn new ways to use these sacred traditional symbols

Practice using the all sacred symbols for personal use and in a client treatment

Increase your spiritual practice and connection


What you will receive:

Reiki Master Attunement

Absent healing to support your clearing for the next 21-28 days

Setting up your business practices, marketing and client responsibilities.

Guided Meditation journey

Reiki Master Handout

Follow up during the 28 days and at the end for additional support

Link to join our Facebook student group


At the end of this course you will be attuned to 3rd Degree Reiki Master Practitioner. You will receive your certification and lineage recognised by the Australian Reiki Connection and Reiki Australia.


Reiki Level 3 Master Practitioner | Balance is Qi

Reiki Level 3 - Shinpiden

GST Included
  • Reiki Level III Master Practitioner Training:

    Prerequisites: Reiki Level 1 and 2 with an accredited Reiki Teacher. Please provide copy of certificate and lineage.

    Recommended Reading: The Reiki Manual by Penelope Quest

    Times: 2 days 9am-2pm

    What to bring:

    Please wear comfortable clothes

    Water bottle, snacks and lunch

    Notepad / pen

    Pillow, blanket and mat to lie out

    Face Mask, crystals, pendulum

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