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Benefits of Reiki Practices in the Corporate Space

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

With the increase of awareness in workplace productivity and mental health more Companies and CEO's are utilising varying modalities to help not only support their staff but also provide a harmonious work environment.

Alongside mindfulness techniques, acupuncture, yoga, work life balance, Reiki is also being incorporated for stress reduction, mental clarity and workplace productivity.

Who wouldn't want to have a company with employees that are grounded, have a positive mental attitude, motivated and working in an energetically dynamic yet clear environment. Increasing job satisfaction.

According to "companies need to go above and beyond to find what their employees are looking for and deliver on it. The best companies have always understood this, too. Richard Branson, for instance, famously stated that customers come second, while employees come first."

Creating an environment that allows employees to feel safe and appreciated increases productivity and decreases costs. Also allowing for more engaged customer relationships and loyalty.

Benefits of Reiki are more and more prominent than ever before and specifically for the corporate space. Reiki is offered to both employees, management team and for the overall workspace. For employees the benefits include stress reduction, mental clarity and focus, motivation, removal of anxiety and providing a state of calmness and relaxation. All of these result in an increase in productivity, staff satisfaction and retention.

Reiki can also be used to clear the office, removing any stagnant energies, clearing the space for a vibrant, creative and energised workspace. Great for product launches, new staff inductions, mergers and acquisitions, staff changes, end of year cleansing and reenergising.

Increase your Companies best practices and success by including Reiki for your staff and company.


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