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Reiki and Diabetes

Extract from article written by Kathie Lipinski

Managing diabetes with Reiki can be thought of as balancing and healing all aspects of one’s being. The levels of being include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Since Reiki heals on all levels, let us look at each of these to see how a person with diabetes can care for himself or herself with Reiki.

Reiki is a way to stay healthy and cope with the stresses of everyday life. Learning Reiki and daily self-treatments is one of the most powerful tools in the self-management toolbox for those with diabetes. Giving oneself Reiki is making a deposit in the bank account of life! With all the daily withdrawals of life, Reiki fills the account back up with life force energy.

Stress often throws the blood sugar out of balance and can cause higher than normal blood sugars. Receiving Reiki regularly through self-treat- ment or from a practitioner is the best way to help minimize the effects of stress on the physical body, especially the blood sugar.

Reiki helps with:

  • Coping with the stress of Diabetes

  • Reiki your food

  • Pain or ailments from Diabetes

  • Decrease anxiety or discomfort due to insulin injections

  • Helping you maintain a healthy diet

  • Helping deal with emotional and mental concerns - removing anger or shame

A person with diabetes who receives regular Reiki sessions or gives himself or herself Reiki on a regular basis, needs to be aware of the effect it may have on their blood sugar levels. Due to the relax- ation response, insulin or diabetes medication requirements may decrease and a dose adjustment may be in order. Some persons with diabetes are also on medication for high blood pressure and may find that regular self-Reiki or Reiki sessions and the resultant relax- ation response may reduce the amount they need of that medica- tion as well. In either case, it is important that they consult their physician to determine if an adjustment in medication is indicated.

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