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Reiki connecting you to Theta and Alpha Brainwaves of healing

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

As measured by EEG studies

For those who have had a Reiki session you would know the feeling of losing all knowledge of time and space. Going to a deep state of relaxation and peace. But now there are studies conducted on what actually happens to our brains in that deep state.

There are 5 types of brain waves we experience. In order of lowest frequency to higher, the five brain waves are Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Each brainwave has a distinct purpose and helps us behave, think, move and process. Throughout the day your brain will utilise certain waves to process certain situations. Certain factors can disrupt this natural cycle, such as stress, some medications, and a lack of adequate high-quality sleep.

Alpha brainwaves are essentially a resting state of the body, which allows us to dream or imagine more creatively in pictures and images. In a very real way, the voice in our head that is always talking to us quiets down, and as a result, we become less analytical. This is how we move beyond the thinking mind.

So, if you're trying to change your body's health and reprogram your autonomic nervous system from a state of stress back into balance (stress is when your autonomic nervous system moves your brain and body out of homeostasis or balance), research shows that by doing the exact opposite you can change your brainwaves from beta to alpha.

By changing your brainwaves from beta to alpha to theta, you are able to bypass the analytical mind in order to enter the body’s operating system—otherwise known as the autonomic nervous system or the subconscious mind.

(Dr Joe Dispenza)

Research has shown that Reiki practitioners can shift their brainwaves measured by EEG to produce more Alpha power when engaged in the act of healing (local and distant) and that the Alpha power increase is also measured in the clients.

Another study in New York observed the brain waves of Reiki practitioners working at the same time on a single recipient (also a Reiki healer). At times all of them produced—and some consistently—the two brain wave patterns identified by Cade in his groundbreaking book, The Awakened Mind, as higher states of awareness: 1) the open, flowing awakened (meditative) mind of clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and spiritual connection, and 2) the evolved mind of unity, bliss and illumination.

The quiet mind (beta) opens to its subconscious (theta), resonates with the energies of healing and growth in nature (alpha), and intuitively attunes to the quantum Field of consciousness (delta) containing all energy and information.

But to go further Reiki practitioners have also shown gamma brainwave patterns when engaged in energy healings, they were producing the awakened, evolved, no-mind and out-of-body patterns of deep profound meditation.

Researcher James L. Oschmann, in his book Energy Healing: The Scientific Basis, explains that healers are directly transmitting to their recipients the missing frequencies that have caused discord or disease in the body.

Brain wave frequencies are not confined to the brain, but cascade via harmonic wave motion into every cell and atom in the body (see Oschmann). The frequencies conducted by the healer jumpstart the “body electric” and instruct repair systems to do their repair work. In the process, light flowing into every level of one’s being carries intuitive insights into the mind, love into the heart, and illumination to the spirit.



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