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Reiki Precepts

Updated: May 24, 2019

There are five main precepts that are used as belief systems with Reiki practitioners. These principles were taught by Dr Mikao Usui to help fully embody Reiki energy. These principles are not just for Reiki practitioners, they can be a guide for everyone to live by.

Just for today:

I will not worry,

I will not be angry,

I will be grateful,

I will do my work honestly,

I will be kind to others.

Allowing us to focus on ‘just for today’ make us present. We don’t let our fears for the future and regrets from the past affect how we feel and live today.

These precepts come from a place of trust and surrendering to the universe. Everything having a divine purpose. Living these precepts allows our lives to be fully balanced.

The Reiki principles don't remove you from the external world. They don't mean you never worry or show emotions like anger, however you don’t allow it to control your day. Let those feelings come, acknowledge them then release them.


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