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Reiki Support for Sporting Athletes

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Reiki has been used all over the world from hospitals, supporting medical care, alongside other therapies and in the sporting community.

Athletes are turning to complementary methods of healing to help support their training and pre and post season recovery.

Not only helping them with the mental and emotional stresses high performance athletes endure but also faster physical healing from injuries.

Olympic double medalist Hayden Roulsten who, in 2006, was diagnosed with a rare heart disease that can cause sudden death. Considering retirement at just 25, he was given hope through a friend and a chance meeting with a Reiki practitioner. A course of treatment helped him, against the odds, make a successful return to top level cycling. Since he started using Reiki, his heart problems have effectively resolved.

Another example, is pro football player Charles Way of the New York Giants. Way suffered from a chronic knee injury and even though he started off as a skeptic, he began receiving regular Reiki treatment and was amazed by the results. You can see his testimonial on

PGA Golfers have turned to one particular Reiki practitioner, Jim Weathers, a former Green Beret, who uses Reiki among other therapies. He has treated a number of golfers over the years, including Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Jerry Kelly, and Ted Purdy. For 25 years, Weathers has been traveling the continent treating race car drivers, rodeo competitors, ultimate fighters and a myriad of other athletes. You can find out more on his website:

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