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Trying to Fall Pregnant? How Reiki can help

Having a baby is supposed to be one of life most natural events. The human body was designed to procreate. But sometimes it's just not that simple.

There are multiple reasons why couples can have a harder time falling pregnant. But adding stress and anxiety in the preconception phase does not help.

Studies have shown that "higher stress during the ovulatory window may reduce probability of conception; however, once conception occurs, changes in the hormonal milieu and/or knowledge of the pregnancy may result in increased stress. These findings reinforce the need for encouraging stress management techniques in the aspiring and expecting mother."

  • Research published by Oxford Academic women who experience higher preconception stress also face a higher risk of infertility and longer time to pregnancy. Also that women who were being treated for their stress response had an increase in pregnancy rates compared to untreated women. This research was based on outcomes from stress responses of 400 couples trying to conceive in a LIFE study.

  • Researchers at the University of California at San Diego have concluded that test subjects whose stress levels were highest ovulated 20% fewer eggs than those who were less stressed, and their eggs had 20% less chance of being successfully fertilised.

  • Allen Morgan, MD, director of Shore Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Lakewood, New Jersey, reports that reducing stress may increase blood flow to the uterus and have a beneficial effect on proteins in the uterine lining that are involved in implantation. To boost patients' fertility, some recommend undertaking activities that reduce stress like meditation.

But it is not all stress to blame - there can be many underlying concerns even childhood traumas and fears that can block our energy centres and inhibit the ability to fall pregnant. Reiki helps calm our nervous system and restore balance in our energy centres. Depending on how the energies are being held it may take more than one session. Your Reiki practitioner will discuss all of this with you. One thing we know for sure Reiki is a safe healing modality that will always work for your highest good.

What couples have reported from having Reiki during their preconception phase:

  • Has removed the fear, stress and anxiety of trying to conceive

  • Has brought the fun and laughter back into our lives

  • Feel calmer and supported during the monthly cycles of trying to conceive

  • Has helped regulate monthly cycles

  • Has balanced hormones fluctuations

  • Has helped released any grief, anger and loss felt during the process

Reiki is a wonderful way to give yourself the space and love to support you on this journey to conceive.

For more information on the amazing benefits of reiki:



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