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Reiki support for Cancer Patients - Clinical Review

This in depth review details the origins of Reiki, misguided representations and review in trials pre-post treatment. Outcome - Reiki offers many benefits for both patient and family members supporting their loved ones through their medical treatment.

Summary of Review by Pamela Miles:

Identified as an evidence-based complementary therapy for symptom control and quality of life,Reiki is offered to patients in local hospitals, community centers, and cancer support groups, and at leading cancer treatment facilities such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, New York), Dana Farber Cancer Center (Boston) and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Houston). Treatment and/or training is available through hospital-based Reiki programs or as one of many options offered or suggested at integrative care facilities.

Healthcare professionals frequently seek Reiki training on their own and may integrate Reiki informally into routine care.One study linked physician recommendation of complementary therapies to their personal use.


The ability of stress reduction to influence medical out- comes is now well documented, blurring the distinction between cure and healing. Healing can grease the wheels of conventional medicine and might improve medical outcomes in a number of ways, such as by affecting hormone levels; minimizing side effects of needed, but invasive, conventional treatment; reducing pain and anxiety; improving sleep and digestion—thereby also reducing personal suffering.Healing helps the patient maintain higher functioning and sustain a hopeful outlook, bolstering the patient’s will to live. It can also make the patient a more-engaged partner in treatment.

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